Advice from the Country

We have so many visitors coming from all over,
we just would like to give you all a heads up on a few things before you get to our neck of the woods!! 
Hopefully you'll feel more at home when you get here!!

1.  The cell phone service is spotty! 
           For those relying on cell service for GPS, we are basically in a dead zone, especially for those looking for the head trails to our very popular hikes.  We suggest you take note of your directions  (especially once you get to Rt. 231) and just read the road signs when you get here, and remember the way you came in for when you leave.  (Note for Old Rag: The mountain will be on the East ( it's the one with the rocks)  the trail head starts at the north face of the mountain!)

2.  Fill up on Gas!
                Fill up while you are in Culpeper, Madison, or Rappahannock. The closest gas to the south is Madison, 11 miles from us; and to the north, 8 miles. 

3.  Parking!
               We used to sell gas, and the gas island is still there.  Please park parallel to the road when you pull in!  And you can pull in right at our door!  Please note: the side parking lot has neighbors, and it's our neighbors yard, so please be mindful of not disturbing their privacy!

4.  Deli!
           Our deli is opened from the time we open until 1/2 hour before we close.  Note on special BBQ days the regular deli will be shut down, and we will have a special menu.

5.  We do accept credit cards, but not AMEX

6.  Dogs roaming the roads!
             It is common to see hunting dogs, or other pets roaming the roads.  We suggest that you leave them where they are.  Most likely they are very close to their home.

7.  You are family once you get here!!  We like to wave and smile at everyone.  It can be contagious, just join us, and you won't ever want to leave!!
Welcome to The Little Country Store


At the foot of OLD RAG MOUNTAIN
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